CONSTANTINE **Rare**  J & G Lines Special Extra Carved 49” Tall circa 1880  £ 3850.00
ROHAN ** Rare** F H AYRES 53” Tall Swing Stand circa 1905 SOLD
BAY F H Ayres 49” tall Extra Carved Circa 1880                                                     £P.O.A.
SHELDON F H Ayres Extra carved 39” Tall Swing stand Circa 1895
BASIL F H Ayres Plain carved 45” tall Swing stand Circa 1925
Star Manufacturing {Swan} extra carved 36” tall Swing Stand circa 1912
REGAL               ** Rare** J & G Lines  56” Tall Swing Stand circa 1890 SOLD
CRACKER F H Ayres  Extra Carved 43” tall Circa 1895 SOLD
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Rocking Horses For Sale - Restored/Original
Please find below  our current stock of horses which we offer for sale. Some are in original condition, some are lightly restored and some are fully restored. A few are ‘diamonds in the rough’ and need a little imagination to see through their current condition. If any item catches your eye then just click on their ‘details’ button for further information. If you have any further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone and we will be happy to help.
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ROYALE JR & T Smith Extra carved 51.5” Tall Swing stand Circa 1912                                                                          £3450.00
Constantine details Constantine details Sheldon details Sheldon details Basil details Basil details Orion Details Orion Details Regal details Regal details Cracker details Cracker details