Very beautiful  F H Ayres extra carved horse on a swing stand in whos paintwork and varnish is in totally original untouched condition with the exception of a replacement saddle cloth and a few bits of strapping which has been matched to the original.  This horse is dated around 1910 and is typical of the Ayres horses of the period and is particularly finely and elegantly carved.  Standing 45”  the original gesso is sound and firm with a few areas showing a few bumps and blemishes  which reflects his journey to this point in time. The tack is rubbed and mellow showing signs of wear and his silk rosettes are faded and frayed and just as they should be! The stand is all original as it all the metal furnishings and sporting the original stencil number ‘6’ ,denoting his size. He is a delightful visual feast . O/A height 45” O/A length 50” O/A width 15”
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DUSK F H Ayres