Very beautiful and rare F H Ayres horse on a swing stand. This horse is dated around 1880 and is typical of the early heavy set Ayres horses of the period. Standing 50” tall the height belies his true stature. He is very wide and substantial {and heavy}. and has the very expressive and fierce face of these distinctive horses. He bears the original F H Ayres’ stamp on his belly which is untouched and appears as it was found under the overpaint which was carefully removed revealing the original dappled coat. Small areas have been restored and the very tired factory paint freshened up. The stand is all original as it all the metal furnishings. The tack and hair has been replaced with faithful replicas. Another unusual feature is the twin pommel holes found on both sides of the horse. One hole for the pommels and the other two to house shaped ‘pegs’ to provide secure hand holds for the younger children perhaps? The holes are at the incorrect angle for a pannier. O/A height 49” O/A length 59” O/A width  20”
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